Prizes 2010

Prizes Awarded at the 38th Icicle Meet, 9th & 10th January 2010

Name of Prize Awarded For Description of Prize Awarded to
Veuve Cliquot Cup Travelled furthest with balloon specially to be at Icicle Meet. Cup (Keep for 1 year)
Plus: Pair of flying gloves
John Russon with G-BTUH Zanussi from Stockport. He was also one of just four balloons that inflated on Saturday.
The Elcot Park Hotel Prize Main Flying Task. 6-figure Grid Reference adding up to 38, minimum distance 4 km, tie-break on the most westerly landing. The Newbury Building Society Shield (Keep for 1 year). Plus a meal for 2 people in the Elcot Park Hotel Richard Parry with G-CHEL. He flew across the launch field in a strong wind, and landed where his GPS told him that the 8-figure GR added to 38. Icicle rules say it should be 6-figure GR adding to 38, but since it was the only real flight, we awarded it to Richard.
Gemini Trophy Oldest balloon to fly out of the Field. Wooden Balloon Trophy (Keep for 1 year). Plus small hand carved wooden balloon to keep. Richard Parry with G-CHEL, the basket landed in the launch field, but the envelope went across the fence into the next field. Since it is the crown ring and the envelope that defines a balloon, this counted as leaving the field. Richard also inflated G-SMIG, San Miguel, but couldn’t get it fully inflated.
Pete Hornfeck Trophy Smartest balloon, including tethered only. Trophy (Keep for 1 year)
Plus a Cameron Fleece.
Peter Ollivere with Minerva, G-BZBJ, purple and black, plus matching team sweatshirts. He also did a very short (10 yards) free flight on Saturday.
Vic Trimble Trophy Longest Flight from Icicle. Trophy (Keep for 1 year)
Not awarded this year, as we did not want to encourage pilots to fly outside the confines of Warren Farm. We left the trophy with Richard Parry to look after for the year.
Norman Betts Award Newest Pilot at Icicle Norman Betts Shield (Keep for 1 year).
Plus a pair of flying gloves
Awarded to David Rawlings, licence issued 18/08/09. Winner would have been Paul Sweatman who registered his balloon, but did not attend the meet. Runner up was Darwin Peltan who got his licence earlier in the summer.
Marsh Benham Trophy For Services to ballooning in the Newbury area. Silver Rosebowl, plus a bottle of whisky. James Dobson of 3-4-40 Region, for all his work in organising the balloons for the Newbury Show, and for organising the 100th anniversary celebration for the Newbury Show with a balloon meet at West Woodhay.
Other Minor Prizes For allowing us to use Warren Farm once again as the venue for the meet.
Non-flying task, to find the longest icicle, and bring it to the prize giving at 11.45 on Sunday
Bottle of whiskyWinner, bottle of whisky

Runner up, bottle of wine

James LiddiardRichard Parry, icicle length 68.5cm

Peter and Karen Watts, icicle length 63cm