Prizes 2013

Prizes Awarded at the 41st Icicle Meet, 5th & 6th January 2013

Name of Prize Awarded For Description of Prize Awarded to
Veuve Cliquot Cup Travelled furthest with balloon specially to be at Icicle Meet. Cup (Keep for 1 year) Plus: Bottle of Champagne 1st Richard Gahan G-TSWZ, Tottington, Bury, Lancs
2nd John Russon, Stockport
The Elcot Park Hotel Prize Main Flying Task. 6-figure Grid Reference adding up to 41, minimum distance 4 km, tie-break on the most easterly/westerly/northerly/southerly (decide on the day, see note below) landing. The Newbury Building Society Shield (Keep for 1 year). Plus a meal for 2 people in the Elcot Park Hotel 1st Richard Parry G-CHEL (added up to 38)
2nd Peter Ollivere G-BZBJ (35)
3rd= Allie Dunnington G-ONIX (28)
Kevin Ison G-BUXW (28)
Gemini Trophy Oldest balloon to fly out of the Field. Wooden Balloon Trophy (Keep for 1 year). Plus small hand carved wooden balloon to keep.Plus Bottle 1st G-BTUH John Russon 3/87
2nd G-SNOW(2) Doug Hoddinot 89
Plus a mention for G-ODAY 7/79 (not registered) of BBM&L, hopped out of field by Caroline Gibson
Pete Hornfeck Trophy Smartest balloon, including tethered only. Trophy (Keep for 1 year)Plus a Bottle of gloves 1st G-BLPP ‘Merlin’ Gary Davies 1978 – tethered only
Mentioned G-BXXG Rich Simpkins and
G-TSWZ Richard Gahan
Vic Trimble Trophy Longest Flight from Icicle. Trophy (Keep for 1 year) Plus a Bottle 1st Kevin Ison G-BXCN 17.2km
2nd Gary Davies G-BULB 13.6km
Norman Betts Award Newest Pilot at Icicle Norman Betts Shield (Keep for 1 year).Plus a Flight bag 1st Judith Ollivere (Licence # 495841 but not yet released by CAA)
2nd Richard Gahan(495501)
3rd Tom Hilditch (494661)
Plus mention of Chris Leatherdale who did final instructor flight with Allie on Saturday at Icicle. We later discovered he was doing his (successful) check flight with Phil as prize giving was underway. Pete Bish witnessed his solo on the following Wednesday. He is 17!
Marsh Benham Trophy For Services to ballooning in the Newbury area. Silver Rosebowl, plus BBML waistcoat Jonathan Harris, son of long term Marsh Benham balloonist Steve Harris. Jonathan is the organiser of events for the 3-4-40 Region and editor of the Region’s Facebook page
Other Minor Prizes For allowing us to use Warren Farm once again as the venue for the meet. Bottle of whisky James Liddiard